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About Us

Middle East Investment Bank Limited

Middle East Investment Bank Limited (MEIB) is a Licensed Labuan Investment Bank. Wholly owned by Neguri S.A of Zug, Switzerland. MEIB provides finance and guarantees to help dynamic enterprises to overcome the financial barriers they face when growing their businesses internationally

MEIB helps growing and emerging enterprises by financing or guaranteeing their overseas trade and/or investments when their bank is unable to provide all the support they need.

At MEIB, we work directly with exporters or with their banks to provide financing, guarantees and bonds which can be structured to meet the needs of companies of varying sizes, history, background and nationalities.

MEIB is uniquely able to do this as we combine our own human resources and associates’ years of export finance experience, industry expertise, contacts at financial institutions in the Middle East and Asean countries as well as entrepreneurial dynamism approach to make export deals happen.

If you’re an Asean or Middle-East based company with a viable opportunity to develop your business from or within these two regions but financial hurdles are holding you back from moving forward, please contact us.

We seek to fill the gap to facilitate dynamic exporters and offshore investors to grow their business internationally.

CEO Statement

MEIB was designed to support the growth of businesses regionally, from and within Asean and Middle East. Our business is guided by the following vision, mission and corporate values.


To become the preferred bank due to itsĀ speed, flexibility and practicality.


To overcome financial obstacles for exporters.
By providing risk mitigation options, financial solution and advisory services especially on complex deals where the commercial market lacks capacity or willingness to support, we seek to fill the gap to facilitate dynamic exporters and offshore investors to grow their business internationally.

Corporate Values:

  • Results-Oriented
    MEIB exists to make viable deals happen. We invest time to fully understand our customers’ needs and thereon build effective working relationships with them. We shall deliver practical solutions within the timeframe required.

  • Resolve-driven
    MEIB operates on a commercial basis. We use enterprising approach to develop practical and effective solutions for our customers. In doing so, we challenge convention and encourage innovation.

  • Responsible lending
    MEIB practises responsible lending in both financial and ethical contexts. We uphold transparency and best-practices banking standards where “Know Your Customer” and “Know Your Customer’s Customer” are deep-rooted as our culture. We manage our business prudently and oversee our clients vigilantly to ensure their long-term viability.